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honey, we don't fall in love

honey, we don't fall in love | Sehun/Kai/Kyungsoo | 913 | NC-17 | Pretty boys like them don't fall in love, Kyungsoo knows this much. | model!au-ish where it's the morning after Sehun and Kai bring Kyungsoo home after a post-show party.

just shoot me also this is unbeta-ed and i am tired and stressed over exams hahahahaha

so grisclair and I were discussing model!au the night of the CK show event and there was lots of umm discussion but that would be for another day when i have no exams and might write it keyword might. anyways sekai bring kyungsoo home and were douchebags who don't even remember his name that is as much back story needed for this yeahhhh

Sehun wakes up to the sound of sheets shuffling around him. He opens his eyes to a facefull of Jongin leaning in, touching their noses together. Sehun can still see the makeup from last night on Jongin’s skin, up close, the glitter and the smudged kohl. Before he manages to analyse further, Jongin’s teeth are tugging gently on his thin lower lip, kissing him languidly back into the pillow. In the recesses of his mind, Sehun feels the dull throbbing of a mild hangover, and a nagging feeling like he’s forgotten something.

The train of thought dies when he feels warm fingers wrapping around his cock, feels his cock lined against Jongin’s and everything is too hot. He opens his mouth to gasp into Jongin’s, swallowing little cries as Jongin jerks them both harshly, hips thrusting to meet each other halfway, until Sehun comes first between their abdomens, sticky and messy, Jongin following not long behind.

“Get off me, you’re disgusting,” Sehun rolls Jongin over onto his back next to him, “eww, I need to take a hundred showers right this moment.”

“Fucker, that’s not what you were moaning a few minutes ago.”

“Shh-is that, do you hear that?”

Jongin does, in fact, hear the faint sounds of clattering in the attached kitchenette of the hotel suite they share. Moments later as they’re cleaning up and pulling on shorts or shirts, Jongin points out that there is a really nice smell of something fucking delicious coming from the kitchenette.

Hence, they investigate.


Kyungsoo hums a tune softly while flipping over the kimchi pancakes with practiced expertise, completely unaware of the two tall figures appearing at the entranceway.

“Oh hello,” Jongin says first, always full of tact, “that smells good.”

Almost barely saving himself from flipping the entire frying pan into the air, Kyungsoo turns around, eyes so wide, like some breed of freak goldfish.

“Whoa!” Jongin exclaims, snapping his fingers a few times, “cute judgy pretty boy.”

“Fine, tight ass,” Sehun chimes.

“Cocksucker lips!”

“Uhm,” Sehun seems deep in thought for fifteen seconds before, “ah! Kyunghoon!” Then the two boys start high-fiving and bro-fisting each other.

Kyungsoo’s eyes narrow in a way that even he himself didn’t know he was capable of. He sighs, setting the plates of breakfast on the dining table before moving to pick up his phone, wallet and keys from the counter, heading towards the front door, “in case you’re even remotely unstupid, my name is Kyungsoo. Goodbye and have a good life.”

“Wait!” Jongin’s fingers wrap all the way around Kyungsoo’s thin wrist, Kyungsoo notices, and swallows. “Have breakfast with us, you made these, it’d be rude to just leave.”

Wow, Kyungsoo thinks, it’s rude to not remember my name even though I was screaming it at you when you were fucking me into the mattress. But he lets himself be led back to the dining table to be seated down. The pancakes do smell divine, and he’s not had any food since the meagre finger food at last night’s party. Then suddenly there is a piece of pancake offered to him on chopsticks by Sehun sitting next to him. Kyungsoo eyes him warily and damn, these boys are obscenely pretty. His non-reaction to the proffered food led to Sehun feeding him the piece with his lips, tasting the flour and the spice of the kimchi mixed with a distinct flavour of Sehun’s mouth.

Kyungsoo nearly bites off Sehun’s tongue.


“This isn’t a good idea,” Kyungsoo manages between kissing Sehun and then kissing Jongin, back against the kitchen counter, until he closes his eyes and can’t tell anymore, “I have to get home, people are probably worried.”

But of course, Kyungsoo isn’t stupid. He knows that these two ridiculously good looking boys are playing with him in the loosest sense, as much as possible until they have to fly off to another city for another show, another party, another pretty boy to bring home. Because they are beautiful, and probably short-lived, so Kyungsoo knows that they take what they want, what they can, and then move on.

He chews on his bottom lip, finally looking down to watch Jongin hollow his cheeks around his cock obscenely, pushing him near the edge really, really fast, so he gently nudges him away. Very quickly, Sehun heaves Kyungsoo onto the counter, fucking him slow and languid. Kyungsoo shivers from the contact against the cold marble surface, again at the feel of Jongin pressing hot kisses down his stomach, tugging at his cock with one hand, the other fluttering across his pale chest.

Kyungsoo thinks the contrast in their skin colour gets to him more than it should. He comes when Jongin chants his proper name, Kyungsoo, against the shell of his ear.


At around 11:30am, Kyungsoo is finally cleaned and dressed (again) ready to leave the hotel. Jongin hands him back his cellphone cheekily, “my number is on it now, but you’ll have to find out what name I saved under.”

Sehun moves to suck a mark under Kyungsoo’s jawline, “a reminder, until the next time,” he smiles.

Kyungsoo rolls his eyes, pulling at his collar in a futile attempt to hide the mark. He knows full well that this is goodbye between them. Hurriedly, he turns the corner towards the elevators.

He only lets his body sag against the cool elevator walls when the doors shut, breathing out a sigh full of yearning, shoving his trembling hands into his pockets.

- I quote Alexa: "Kyunghoon was the best thing to have come out of this CK event ok." Well said.
- I...like morning after scenarios a lot.
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Tags: fandom: exo, fic, ot3: sekaisoo, porn, rating: nc-17
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